We give importance to sporting activities in line with our goal to develop our students’ cognitive, kinesthetic and social skills as a whole. Therefore, our students have the opportunity to train in sports such as handball, basketball, football and futsal, volleyball, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, folk dances and chess. Our students, whose sporting skills are improved by our expert teachers, have won many medals in national and international competitions and championships so far.

The aim of Gazi University Foundation Private Schools is to ensure that art is an indispensable part of our students’ lives. The arts allow individuals to be part of contemporary life and to think freely. Accordingly, our primary goal in our schools is to enable our students to discover the means of expressing themselves throughout their lives. Our students will thus be better equipped. In line with this vision, we take care to provide equal opportunity, by taking individual differences into account, to identify, support and develop the creativity of our students and to display their art works on individual and collective exhibitions. In addition to the arts activities, our students are given painting, piano and guitar courses.