We Are Making a Name For Ourselves With Our Projects

In our schools, project studies are carried out each year in order to encourage students to work in the fields of basic and social sciences, to direct their studies and to contribute to their scientific development. Our students are actively involved in national and international projects, competitions, festivals, workshops, olympiads and championships in different areas.

TÜBİTAK* Science Olympiads

TÜBİTAK* Projects

MUN (Model United Nation)


Destination Imagination

European Union Erasmus Projects

Nutrition-Friendly School Project

Children of Gazi Hand in Hand with Their Siblings

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

International Basic Science Knowledge Contest by Urfodu

International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest

This Is My Work

Cyber Fair

Young Reporters for the Environment

The World‘s Coloured Glasses

European Neighbors’ Day

Youth Caravan

This Is My World

White Flag

Volvo Adventure

Youth for understanding

INGED Drama Festival

National Spelling Bee

*TÜBİTAK stands for The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey